Why practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at Summer Solstice?

In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga and many traditional cultures solstices, equinoxes, full and new moons are respected and celebrated as energetic portals that can be accessed for spiritual transformation. 

Here are 5 reasons why the ancients knew it was valuable to celebrate Summer Solstice.

  1. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, energetically the Sun’s healing energy is at its strongest
  2. By consciously practicing gratitude for all the blessings you’ve received in the past year you put yourself in harmony with the vibration of prosperity
  3. Summer solstice is a gateway into the next part of the year, a great time to set new intentions and clarify your goals
  4. At Summer Solstice you shushumna or central energy channel opens so that the effects of all spiritual practice is amplified
  5. t’s a pivot point in the earth’s yearly cycle, a time to stop and take stock of past year and identify what you’ve learned.

‘At a solstice you have to break your patterns. You are here to go through certain changes. And you cannot live intellectually all your life. You have to live by the power of your soul.’ Yogi Bhajan

Solstice means “standing of the sun” and we can connect to this great turning point in the earth’s yearly cycle by taking a moment to stop, be still and look back at our own unique journey since the winter solstice. From now to the winter solstice everything in earth will be withdrawing within. we can use this time to focus on what we wish to nurture and develop in ourselves during the coming months. The summer solstice is a doorway into the second half of the year, energizing the paths that lead within. Stand on the threshold and ask yourself what you wish to encourage in your life?

This year the if falls on Thursday, the 21st of December. Come and celebrate Summer Solstice with Kundalini Yoga at Soul Flow!

This workshop will focus on helping you go within and see what you have achieved in the past year, and where you are still stuck and help you break the self sabotaging patterns that block you from your highest potential. From these insights you will be guided to set new empowering goals for the coming year, it includes Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and a Gong Bath Relaxation.

Investment $49 (Soul Flow Members receive 10% discount)


The Energy of The Full Moon

October 26, 2017

Like a spotlight the Full Moon represents an energy peak highlighting what is culminating in our five senses and electromagnetic field. We can either throw a tantrum or move this energy to our higher chakras through spiritual practice like Kundalini Yoga.

Energetically the Full moon is a powerful time in the lunar cycle when the moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy. Our body responds to this with an opening of our shushmana, the central energy channel that runs along the spine. During the Full Moon whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified. If you are angry, you will feel angrier or if you are happy, you will feel happier. This is a good time for spiritual practice to help you attain a calm state of mind so you can use the lunar energy for transformation.

Yogis and other spiritual practitioners throughout the ages have performed rituals at the Full moon because they knew the full moon energy had a powerful effect on the glandular system and etheric energy of our bodies. This means our yoga and meditation practice will be deeper and it is easier for us to release subconscious blocks to our creativity. This opening of our body can make us feel more emotional and reactive, however if we channel the powerful lunar energy to the higher chakras, it provides the opportunity to transform, empower, heal and cleanse.

Astrologically each Full Moon highlights a polarity in opposition to the Sun. So it could be that the Full Moon is in Taurus and the Sun is on Scorpio. In this way each month’s Full Moon energy is unique and will spotlight different points of duality or polarities in your life. At Soul Flow we celebrate the Full Moon each month with a special class. Themes differ but often refer to the universal conflicts we share such as; your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. By choosing Kundalini Yoga kriyas that work on each month’s specific lunar focus it is possible to heal and release inner tension and solve deeply unconscious conflicts that inhibit our happiness.

Next class is on:

My Harmonyum Healing

June 23, 2017

By Vanessa De Luca

In the past 10 years I’ve always been very open to many types of energetic healings and alternate therapies. Having overall positive experiences and more often AMAZING results. More recently I’ve been intrigued by Harmonyum Healing. Some of the students at Soul Flow have experienced one and told me they’ve enjoyed the benefits so I really wanted to experience one for myself. So I booked an appointment with Anastasia Williams. It was a very unique healing modality so I wanted to share my experience. Below is a recount from my session along with further information in the form of a Q&A with Anastasia as I had lots of questions after:

I was running a little late so I was a bit flustered, but Anastasia had a drink of water ready for me and let me sit down to re-settle myself. She then gave me some information about the Harmonym Healing I was about to receive.

“You’ll lay face down on the massage bed and are covered and warm. You will feel gentle touch of my hands moving around and down your spine in different movements throughout the healing. It is a conscious touch that is calming and relaxing. Throughout the healing I will be in a meditative state to remain open, clear and neutral for the highest quality of energy for you: to re-establish harmonious flow of Divine Love in the body and for any other healing needed.” 

So I lie down and straight away I smell aromatic essential oils. I’m immediately calmer. Anastasia covers me with a light blanket and makes sure I’m comfortable. Relaxing meditation music has been playing since I arrived and so the whole experience so far is inviting me to let go and experience. I also feel completely safe and supported by Anastasia from when I entered the space and throughout the treatment.

The gentle massage, or touch rather, is completely unobtrusive. It is keeping me calm but also present and I effortlessly drift into a meditative state. I stay present for the entire hour enjoying the smell of the essential oil, the sound of the music, the feel of the touch and observing the natural rhythm of my breath and when she finally instructs me to press myself into a childs pose on the bed I feel ready to slowly emerge from my meditation. 

The treatment ends seated with some final touch of hands moving from my head down my shoulders and back and a glass of water. 

I feel awake but completely serene as I open my eyes and Anastasia tells me to move slowly and be aware of the effects of the healing through the day and possibly the next few days. The rebound effects will continue. 

What I noticed after the treatment:

I was in a fairly good headspace going into the treatment. I did have something I wanted to work through but Anastasia encouraged me to set a broad, general intention instead of a specific focus as I can allow the healing to penetrate and open myself up to infinite possibilities. So I did. I noticed something trigger a reaction from my issue the next day and I straight away was able to observe the reaction and then change my perspective and it felt more neutral. I’ve also felt more empowered and inspired in the days to follow coming up with exciting new yoga workshops and more to come that I won’t reveal until a bit further down the track. 

I can’t recommend this treatment enough and can’t wait for my next one!

Q&A for a better understanding of Harmonyum Healing:


  • What to expect during a treatment

Harmonyum is performed on a massage table, with the recipient fully clothed. For those who are unable to lie down, modifications can be made. It consists of gentle, non-invasive movements between the nape of the neck and the lower spine. The recipient enters into a conscious meditative state to remain neutral and open to the highest frequencies possible. The recipient will enter a deeply relaxed space, or at times a sleeping space. The treatments are about 50 minutes in length.

  • What can I expect after the treatment?

After a session you will feel a deep sense of calm akin to years of meditation, a deep inner peace. Your eyes will be noticeably clear and your complexion with have a radiant glow. With regular Harmonyum Healing treatments  you will experience a building of your confidence, a boost in your physical health, a clarifying of your direction in life and increased self awareness and overall well-being.

  • Where does this healing originate from?

Founded by Dr Levry, the founder of Naam Yoga. The development of Harmonyum Healing system is deeply connected to Chinese Medicine and the Meridian Body.

  • How does it differ from reiki or kinesiology?

Harmonyum is its own modality utilising the acupuncture meridians via the body’s electromagnetic field. According to Chinese meridian theory, meridians are the communication structure for energy in the same way that veins and arteries are the communication for blood throughout the body and nerve tracks are the communication for neural messages. The energy that travels through meridians influences all other body fluids such as blood and hormones and all other systems such as the nervous system, immune system and cardiovascular system. The Harmonyum Healing System floods the meridians with the highest vibrations causing a cascade of revitalisation to the body and advancement of the mind. A form of qigong, known as medical qigong where the practitioner directs the electromagnetic field coming from their body and hands onto the client. 

  • Are you healing something specific that I’m experiencing issue with?

The primary goal of a Harmonyum Healing Treatment is to empower the self healing mechanism inside each person. The philosophy behind the Harmonyum experience is that it is a time when the practitioner and client release the connection to the health or life disturbance and focus on complete balance.

  • Who is this treatment for?

Everyone 🙂 There are many reason you can receive Harmonyum. It is both preventive and prescriptive. Meaning you don’t wait until crisis to take care of yourself. Though when in crisis, not matter what crisis it is Harmonyum will certainly be beneficial.

Harmonyum greatly offsets the effects of our fast paced modern lives. Harmonyum increase the vibrational frequency of the bodies cells strengthening the bodies organic healing and restorative nature. Harmonyum increases the vitality of nervous system, brain, heart and immune functions. This healing system is invaluable in our fast paced and demanding lives automatically relieving stress, anxiety, worry, exhaustion, depression, slowing down the aging process and more. 

Harmonyum purifyies the sub-conscious mind allowing you to cleanse and move beyond mental, emotional and physical trauma, limited beliefs, anxieties and habits/tendencies that are holding you back in life. The intelligence of Harmonyum is integral to vitality, inspiration and maintaining your highest operating state in every area of life.

  • There are 3 levels/strengths of treatments, are they levels or would strengths/potencies/class be a more accurate way to describe them? 

There are three levels of Harmonyum Level I, Level II and Level III. They are not greater than each other, they are varied in there format to bring varied benefits and affects to the recipient. Generally speaking I would most often start with with a Level I treatment for a first session, unless a client specifically was displaying special issues that connected to the other levels. Based on the day and where you are at physically, mentally,  emotionally and energetically will determine which level you would receive in future treatments

  • What are the other levels/strengths like?

Harmonyum II the repent will lay on their back and the practitioner works around the head and then down through the organs of the body. Harmonyum III the recipient will lay face down focusing somewhat on spine and then towards heart and head.  

  • What is the greatest result you have seen in someone after a harmonyum healing?

The results I have witnessed have been incredibly varied: from epic increases in self worth and self love to support courageous long term changes in health, career, romance and life to off setting stress, alleviating depression and anxiety and increasing total physical health.

The shift that I see most often, and this displays itself differently within each individual. Is that I see people let go of who they are trying to be, and drop into a beautiful space of truly becoming themselves from a very loving space. This inturn allows them to make shifts in their patterning that unfolds in unique and beautiful ways for everyone.

The most dramatic result I have seen, is when I was supporting a beautiful women in NYC whom was terminally ill. She was using harmonyum to offset pain and stay connected to her essence  through the journey. As she progressively got worse physically, she was unable to get out of bed on her own. After some Harmonyum treatments she would just pick herself up and get out of bed, when 1 hour before she could not. She would head off to the kitchen and start pottering and become very chatty. It was so beautiful. It was an incredible honour.

To experience this for yourself you can reach Anastasia on her website:

Instagram: @magnifyyourlight

and Facebook


Breath is Life

May 10, 2017

Why is your breath so important?

Your breath is vital…that may seem obvious. It is our very connection to life. Both at the time of your birth and just before you pass on you take a big deep breath. This is symbolically known as the beginning and the end. The breath than governs everything between those two points. For this reason, it is VITAL that we learn to breathe correctly.

The quality of your breath most certainly can enhance the quality of your health, well-being and life. The proper use of your breath will raise the vibrational quality of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, increasing the quality of the output from these bodies/spaces.

While most of us are conscious of breathing, we rely quite heavily on its automatic nature. We are not educated at any age on how to direct the attention of this process and its importance.

Through proper breathing you will:

  • Eliminate and prevent overall tension build up
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Learn to command and direct the mind with more purpose and positivity
  • Calm and hear the inner emotional dialogue
  • Increase the vitality of your blood chemistry
  • Be more responsive versus reactive

When we change the way we breathe we change the way we think, feel, speak and act. Thus our habits, choices, health and lives slowly but surely begin to transform into a radiant expression.

At a very basic level: when you increase the amount of breath your draw in and release you are increasing the oxygen supply to the body and its various organs and supporting your ability to eliminate waste and toxins from your body. Oxygen is one of the most significant nutrients for our bodies. It is essential for the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs.

The limitless benefits that proper breathing can offer are simply that, limitless. The following are some of the more practical and immediate things to remember and with attention will serve you endlessly in your daily life.


The rate of our breath directly affects the vibrational rate and attitude of our mind and like a pebble dropped in a pool of water ripples out into our every other cell and action. Our mind’s job is to control and direct all other faculties; the mind is referred to as the command center.

The quickest and most effective way to strengthen the ability and direction of your mind is through the rate and rhythm of your breathing. As you deepen and slow down the flow of your breath you will ground the focus of your mind into a calmer state.  The mind follows the depth and rate of your breathing.  As the mind is the command center we definitely want it to be sending out its messages and signals with a clear and confident frequency.

Due to the quickness or demands of our modern lives our breath has become shallow and insufficient. Thus we are not taking in sufficient oxygen and we are not eliminating sufficient carbon dioxide, in turn our bodies are oxygen starved, and a toxic build-up occurs. Leading to short attention, tiredness, heaviness, lack of inspired thought and reactiveness, to name a few.


Proper breathing cleans the blood, relieves muscular tension and supports the natural restoration function of our entire physical space. Most of us, most of the time, are only breathing into the upper portion of our lungs, and over time this does not serve us, but depletes us. Life is dependent on the element air, so we must consider its value.

The oxygen from proper breathing balances the ratio of carbon dioxide in the blood, when the blood increase vibrational quality it can most easily rejuvenate any imbalance or stagnant build up we are unaware of in the body.  As the blood is purified the metabolism and circulations are strengthened.

Proper breathing is also like food for the nervous system. So that in times of stress when you default breath habit is longer and deeper, you will move towards solution with more grace and ease.


Human beings are a large percentage emotion. Every experience in life has an emotional response and quality. How we breathe throughout our experiences will give us the capacity to either process or resist our emotional responses.

Our emotional responses have the ability to make every situation we are in rewarding or troubling. Even the most challenging experiences can be rewarding when one learns how to apply proper breathing.Our ability to breathe through our experiences rather than resist them is what allows us to: process the difficult and challenging emotional responses with more grace, and deepen the way we receive the positive and more joyous moments. The gifts of life truly start too open up when we are able to equally embrace both the challenging and wonderful moments with the same amount of love and sincerity. Learning to breathe with more fluidity will most certainly help you increase your capacity to do this.

 Within us all is an inner voice and this is directly connected to our emotional space. Proper breathing as a habit will strengthen your connection to this inner voice, or as some say, your connection to yourself.


Breath rhythm and rate can be viewed as energy management. The quality of your breath has the capacity to strengthen or weaken your energetic field. The energetic field also known as the auric or electro-magnetic field is a protective and psychic field of energy that surrounds the body. Its task is to attract positivity and repel negativity. It is a container for your life force as well as a protector/shield for the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Proper breathing supports the energetic field to be strong and do its job effectively, so that we are not so impacted by day-to-day stresses, negativity and challenging environmental surrounds and experiences that are simply a part of life.

Breathing with more attention & intention gives you:

  • Increased vitality and overall health and well-being
  • More proficiency in your chosen physical activities – running, yoga, gym activities etc.
  • Increased periods of mental clarity and concentration
  • A more calm responsiveness
  • A stronger and louder inner voice
  • A deeper connection to your overall experience of yourself, others and life


It is no mistake that our lungs are the biggest organ in our body and that the quality of our breath is key to success in every area of our life.

Becoming more aware of how you are breathing in the very simple moments of life. From resting state or while you are walking, waiting in a queue to washing your dishes. Where is your breath? How does it feel: shallow, deep, relaxed, tense, generous or constricted?

Proper breathing or diaphragmatic breathing is akin to filling up a glass with water, it fills into the bottom first. On your inhale the abdomen expands with a majority of your breath, then the chest gently expands and finally the breath reaches into the clavicle area/collar bones. On the exhale your reverse this process: with the clavicle and chest area softly releasing and the abdomen pulling in towards the spine and up towards the rib cage to help squeeze all the breath out. This does not need to be forced, over time the capacity for a deeper and longer inhalation and exhalation will organically open up. This breath can be applied at any point in time. After 3 breaths like this you will automatically start a shift in every area of yourself.

You may breathe with this rhythm for any lengthen of time. When practiced regularly in your everyday moments this will becomes your default habit and your entire being will thank you.

While the quality of the oxygen you are breathing in is not always known nor changeable, it is worth making a regular effort to get into nature, large parks or by the ocean, to breathe in deeply, the obviously better quality air.

Quality of Breath = Quality of Life


So please give yourself the biggest and most valuable and priceless gift ever! The gift of quality breathing in every moment. As a result you will radiate a serenity and harmony and live with a connection and confidence that has its roots in the force that gives us life, BREATH.



Tantric Numerology questions answered by Enza Deluca

What is tantric numerology?

Tantric Numerology is a style of Numerology brought to the west by the master of Kundalini Yoga and the Mahan Tantric -Yogi Bhajan, who taught Tantric Numerology as a tool to align with your higher self.  The teachings are based on ancient yogic and tantric teachings. The Tantric Numerology system is simple and accurate. Yogic Numerology is interpreted using the numbers 1 – 11, the numbers 1-10 correspond to one of our 10 etheric bodies and 11 is the embodiment of all 10 etheric bodies or the place of mastery. The numbers 1 – 8 also correspond with our chakra system, in Kundalini Yoga the aura is known as the 8th chakra. Each number holds an energy vibration or archetypal quality so by understanding the qualities of each number you gain understanding of the world around you.

How does it work?

The first basic calculation in Tantric Numerology is to work out your personal numbersfrom your date of birth, however there are many more calculations based on the year we are in and how it relates to your own life cycles. These 5 basic numbers give you a map describing your relationship with self, others, and destiny. They are;

  1. The Soul number is the core of your identity.
  2. The Karma number which explains the challenge your Soul came to experience in this lifetime.
  3. The Gift number describes the talent you were born with.
  4. The Destiny number indicates the traits you have worked on for many lifetimes and mastered. This is a description of how other people see you.
  5. The Path number gives you guidance on how to live a fulfilled life by understanding who you are and why you are here on this planet at this time.

By knowing your numbers you can assess if you are living to your full potential and by working with the chakra and etheric body and what your numbers represent, you can better utilise your unique qualities.

What will I get out of knowing what my numbers mean?

The system is used as a guide to help you understand your own true nature, the people you’re close to and the world around you and it’s natural cycles. By developing an understanding of the qualities of each number you a relationship with yourself through your personal numbers and by practicing yoga and meditation chosen to balance your 10 etheric bodies and 8 chakras you will learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and with this knowledge you’ll be able to cope better with life’s challenges.

How do I intemperate them?

Firstly learn what your Soul number and if you feel you aren’t living up to the full potential of this number you can choose to do yoga to strengthen that chakra or etheric body or you can choose to work into your Karma Number. Usually if you don’t feel connected to your Soul number, it’s the chakra or etheric body related to your Karma Number that needs fine tuning. Your Path Number is your tool for transformation so working into this chakra or etheric body will also help your feel stronger. By studying your Gift Number you’ll understand if you are utilising your natural talent to it’s full potential. And finally by knowing your Destiny Number you receive insight into how others see you, which can be a real surprise.

How does it differ from astrology and zodiac signs?

I think that Tantric Numerology is similar and complementary to astrology, both systems help you to understand yourself, others and the greater environment by using archetypes. Archetypes are simply typical examples of a certain person or thing that we use as a point of reference, you could say that each archetype vibrates with a unique energetic signature. In this way Tantric Numerology believes that each number has certain qualities of energetic vibration.


Words by Anastasia Williams:


 Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same habits that you don’t like? 

Or saying YES to things you want to say NO to, or NO to the things you want to say YES to?


What is AWARENESS…it is the state of being aware…

So, what is being aware… it is being informed, knowledgeable or conscious.

If we are wanting to make a choice without awareness (have no information, knowledge or consciousness around the subject of our choice) with no experience, knowledge or skill towards what the choice contains, it becomes very difficult. Another way to say it is, “You cannot change what you cannot see,” meaning until you are aware of something you cannot start to change it.

Most often, we choose what we know or what is familiar. Each of us will also have individualised areas where we choose bravely, and this practice of bravery can mask the areas where we tend to not make choices for our highest learning, growth and the change that we are seeking.

All our current habits have been trained into our memory: mental, physical, emotional and energetically over long periods of time. Coming from sources such as surroundings and standards of our upbringing, education, the way people talked and interacted with us, societal standards, survival, pleasure, lack, limit, accidents, goals and more. 

Quite often we are even not aware of a lot of our habits. Until we decide we are wanting something more from ourselves or our lives: then we start to take a self-reflective look. This reflective look can be confronting and uncomfortable. We see, feel and experience sides of ourselves that may have deep rooted insecurity, shame and guilt. That have the underlying foundation beliefs of “not being good enough or deserving of”. Many times, we find it easier to switch off and leave it for another day as we have not been shown the way to move lovingly through our hurt, suffering and challenges. It is so ingrained through our world that discomfort must mean something bad. We all make poor choices, sometimes daily ☺ It’s not a mistake it’s a learning. Had you had AWARENESS  – the knowledge, understanding or skills –  it would have been an opportunity to make a different choice.

There is no GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG there is…. EFFECTIVE and INEFFECTIVE. What may be effective today could be ineffective tomorrow. In modern psychological studies, it is being discovered that 70% of our programming/beliefs/habits that were built through our childhood lean towards negativity, disempowerment, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. These habits in turn undermine our power for change. 

To align with making true effective CHOICES for ourselves and our lives we must turn up the volume and importance of our awareness. We must be willing to look at ourselves without the need to justify: but to accept and embrace. 

To sit with ourselves in the uncomfortable moments mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. Be receptive to the discomfort. To realise there is no perfect. Your imperfections are unique to you and are key to you becoming the greatest version of you. Our worst choices have the capacity to unfold our deepest learnings and evolution.


Let’s take the pressure off ourselves and step into living through AWARENESS, not right, wrong, good or bad.


  1. The first step to increasing our awareness is in how we breathe. When you can be present in your body through your breath. A soft receptive, longer than normal breath. In and out through the nose. Especially when things get difficult, or making choices or when being self-reflective. Slow yourself down and make friends with how you breathe. Don’t choose anything until your breath settles and you feel the presence of your body.

  2. Feel your feelings, while breathing and learn to not jump ship when it feels hard, uncomfortable or unknown. Observe and don’t judge until what is happening changes and calm/clarity starts to arrive.

  3. Now ask yourself what is the highest choice for you and your circumstances right NOW. There is magic in honesty and bravery. 

  4. REPEAT…. like everything its muscle..take time to strengthen the awareness muscle so its there and working for you.

  5. Keep loving on yourself…every step of the way. 

 At times, we need to learn new skills, do some reading, take a class in the area that we lack awareness: knowledge and understanding. Increase your skills. Put all learned things then in practice, as action allows you to embody the new habit. Practice over time re-enforces the new habits, and always practice from your open heart.

Once you start increasing the presence of your awareness there is no limit. You can change your belief systems, increase your intuition and step by step let go of all that is holding you back from being the greatest expression of yourself in all areas of your life.

Now I would really love to hear from you: What is the change you are looking for? What habit do you want to let go of most? 

Share with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you. And remember, your comment might be the one thing someone else needs to hear today. 

Lastly, if you would like me to chat on a specific topic, please leave me a request in the comments below. Share the love and post this to your social media sites and let us create a community with Love.

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT


Feature image via @theseakin


We’re so excited to announce that Maya Stange is returning to Soul Flow on Sundays to teach 4pm Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

We wanted to welcome her back by sharing her Kundalini journey with our community. Below is our Q&A.

When did you discover KY?

It was 2004. I was living in LA to pursue my acting career, and people kept telling me about this strange and amazing yoga I had never heard of, and how much I would love it. I heard stories about these classes where people would do 108 squats, and crazy stuff like that. It was weird how many people kept telling me I should check it out. So, of course, I ignored the suggestions, and kept going to my regular Hatha class at the gym! Looking back, I think I could sense it was a big deal, so I was kind of putting it off…. Then one day my Hatha teacher led us through some really powerful exercises, with strong breath, and I had the most incredible experience of energy and aliveness. I went up to him after the class, my eyes wide, and he just looked at me and said, “So you practice Kundalini, right?”. It turns out that’s what we had just done, and I felt like a fish who had just discovered water for the first time. He took me to his teacher, Gurumukh, at Golden Bridge. And that was it.   

What do you love about it, and what does it do for you?

For me, Kundalini Yoga is a complete science. It’s so much more than a physical work out. You are balancing your brain chemistry, cleansing the blood, balancing the glandular system, building the nervous system, as well as strengthening and toning the muscles and increasing your fitness. The first thing I noticed when I started a regular practice is that I wasn’t nervous in auditions anymore. I felt I was more comfortable in social situations, and was able to stand up for myself more in relationships. I had more energy, I slept better, and I started to connect with that deep peace within myself, which was such a relief.

How did you come to make the decision to become a KY teacher?

I didn’t, really! I was pretty attached to my identity as an actor, and I didn’t see myself as a yoga teacher at all. But the problem was, I loved it so much, I was going to class every day, and it was transforming every aspect of my life. I signed up for teacher training, just because I wanted to go deeper into the teachings and learn more. Even through teacher training, I kept insisting that I wasn’t going to be a teacher. But then friends were curious about it and kept asking me to teach them, and I ended up teaching in a small studio in LA! And haven’t stopped since. 

When did you embark on your training and where did you decide to do it?

I did my training in 2005 at Golden Bridge with Gurumukh, Harijiwan and Tej, who were the teachers I started with. I pretty much lived at Golden Bridge for those years… My main teachers Harijiwan and Tej now offer trainings internationally, and through Ra Ma Institute in LA. Those guys are amazing.

How can KY enrich the lives of people living in modern/ urban society?

The great thing about Kundalini is it was always designed to be a house holders yoga. It is not meant for renunciate yogis living in caves, as the Hatha practices are. Kundalini is for people with families, with jobs and busy lives. It works fast. We have exercises you can do for 3 minutes a day that will totally change your life. 

Where do you hope your KY journey will lead you next?

I am always curious to see what will happen next! I am teaching a retreat in the Blue Mountains 2-4 June, and another one in Sri Lanka later this year, and looking forward to traveling more, doing more retreats, workshops in Australia and around the world. I am especially excited to dive deeper into the One on One work I do with private clients. It is so rewarding to go on a journey with someone over time and see them transform, heal and open! It really is the best job. 



Modern life has many of us living lives completely disconnected from nature, which is a large part of why many of us feel lost, sad and isolated from others. When you replace nature; fresh air, sunshine, walking on the bare earth, enjoying a cool breeze or a dip in the ocean and eating clean food and water with technology; air conditioning, artificial lighting, gazing at phones, tv or computer screens and eating junk food – the result is ‘dis-ease’ or loss of harmony with our natural state of health and vitality. We’ve become detached from the seasons, cycles and elements, and this has a much greater negative effect on us than we realise. 

Yoga means union or oneness of body, mind and spirit and true yoga is Oneness with the entire cosmos including the Earth we inhabit. It’s not difficult to get back in touch with the earth and our own natural cycles, it starts with a decision and then a little bit of conscious focus. Tuning into the phases of the moon is one way of reconnecting with the natural flow of the Universe and feeling at peace with ourselves. 

Yogi Bhajan taught that our biofeedback moves from New Moon to Full Moon, and then from Full Moon to New Moon in a cycle. Using the Moon to guide you is simple and instinctual. You can see the moon in the sky most nights and with just a little knowledge you can gain a greater clarity about yourself and others. The cycles of the moon have a special relationship with our higher consciousness. During the phase of full or new moon it’s easier to access and eliminate deep emotional blocks.

For example, the New Moon is day one of the moon cycle on this day the lunar energy is at its weakest and our glands are at a low ebb, as is our energy. It’s a good day to do Meditations which focus on positivity so you can charge up your new intentions with power. Yogi Bhajan taught that on the New Moon it’s beneficial to fast on lemon and water as the New Moon energy will help you to detox. This is a time for new beginnings and a fertile time for planting seeds of intention for your life. 

The influence of a new moon lasts for two weeks up to the next Full moon which is the time to harvest those intentions. After the New Moon the moon is ‘waxing’ or growing until the Full Moon. During this time the energy of the body moves into your higher centres (chakras). This is the time to bring new things, new people or new relationships into your life or to accelerate the progress of your special projects. The lunar energy of this period is very healing and can be channeled on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. 

The New Moon is a great time to start anything new but especially a meditation that you’d like to do for 40 days. Its somehow easier to keep up the commitment by beginning on the New Moon or anytime between the New Moon and the Full Moon. Use the lunar energy of the New Moon especially if you are having a hard time sticking with a meditation practice for a continuous 40 days.

Our New Moon Sound Healing Workshop is a gentle practice of Kundalini Yoga followed by a long relaxation to the healing sounds of our symphonic gong and tibetan singing bowls. 

Sound healing uses high vibration sounds to reach the body on a cellular level, encouraging integrated healing of body, mind, and spirit, and the more gong sessions a student attends, the better the results.

Some of the benefits of sound healing are:

  • Relieves neck pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, and improves joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Creates deep relaxation and clears the mind
  • Immediate reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Stimulates the glandular system and improves function
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Organizes emotional energy
  • Aids in breaking addictive behavior
  • Regenerates neurons and their interconnections
  • Regenerates the nervous system
  • Clears the aura
  • Opens and aligns the chakras
  • Clears the sub conscious mind from negative thought patterns
  • Strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Helps repair damage to the nervous system caused by stimulants (i.e. coffee) and stress.

At Soul Flow Yoga we have a New Moon, Sound Healing practice held each new moon cycle. See below for the date of the next workshop.


Winter Solstice is the equivalent of the solar New Year. It is a fertile time to set new intentions. The longest night of the year has been celebrated by many traditions as a sacred and rich time. In the past, it’s been a night to gather around the fire, practice spiritual ceremonies to call back the Sun.


During the winter solstice the sun hugs closer to the horizon than at any other time during the year, giving way to the least amount of daylight annually. On the bright side, the day after the winter solstice marks the beginning of lengthening days leading up to the summer solstice. The winter solstice is a poignant time to stop and listen, to harmonise our energy and reassess our connection to our spirit and life’s purpose. It is a powerful time of re-birth and transformation – to acknowledge our shadow, heal our wounds, release old thought patterns and align with our light to illuminate our highest destiny.

In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga solstices, equinoxes, full and new moons are respected and celebrated as energetic portals that can be accessed for spiritual transformation. In 2016 the Winter Solstice which is naturally a time of endings and new beginnings. You can use this energy to manifest your goals in 5 easy ways;

  • FOCUS: Take more notice of your thoughts and become present. Become aware of your thoughts, especially the ones you repeat to yourself daily that make you feel bad. Regularly doing certain types of yoga and meditation help you to become more aware. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation or any type of meditation that you like at Winter Solstice is a great way to focus your powerful meditative mind and in that space of your ‘yoga’ you can clarify and plant the seeds of your new intentions so they can grow in the new Solar Year. Meditating in a group situation helps you go deeper into your mediative mind as you will have access to the highest vibration of the other members of the group.


  • AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting your goals – however they only work if the statement holds a sense of truth and triggers a positive emotional response. Play with different statements until you find one that you cannot only believe but also uplifts you when you practice thinking or speaking it. Practicing them often enough to genuinely believe the affirmation and tune into the ‘feeling’ of it being true.


  • RITUALS: Practicing rituals, which can be as simple as using a breath technique you use at the same time everyday, setting an intention for your day or even creating a peaceful space in your home and lighting a candle as symbol of your new solar year intentions.


  • SURRENDER: Understanding the root of your desire/s, where they come from and why, and surrendering to your desire/s, accepting that you are worthy to hold the desire and also accepting exactly where you are right now with complete trust and faith that ‘All is Well and everything you desire is coming to you perfectly’. Also recognising when you need to rest. Surrendering to your body’s need to be nourished is very important.


  • NATURE: Connecting with nature is an important one, which not only keeps us grounded but our small worries in perspective. Walking on the earth or sand with bare feet, swimming in the ocean (for the courageous during the winter months) or simply sitting in wonder and appreciating the perfection of the Universe will naturally raise your vibration into harmony with the vibration of your true desires and the longer you can stay in this harmony the quicker your desires will manifest.






Winter Solstice is an opportunity to come together with your community in celebration of hope, peace and the rebirth of light. At 7pm on Tuesday 21st June, join us at Soul Flow Yoga to celebrate Winter Solstice with a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop. The energetic power of the solstice will help us to access our emotions and recognise underlying patterns that are not aligned with the love and truth of our soul. We will use the power of ritual to access this new awareness so we can drop our limiting behaviours and set new empowering intentions that will manifest and flourish with the power of the Sun, as it is reborn in the new solar year.

Written by Enza and Vanessa Deluca

The Wise Woman Pt 1

February 28, 2017

The Wise Woman is You.

The Wise Woman is anything and everything you want her to be.

There is so much to say about the WISE WOMAN (this is an invitation and beginning, a sweeping overview of some aspects to consider in being a wise woman).

1. There is the wisdom that grows out of extensive knowledge and experiences.

2. There is the wisdom that is innate. A natural wisdom that lives through you: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. A natural wisdom that moves through all women that is different to the wisdom of a man. Not better, just different. This is not about defining ourselves against men.

While the first wisdom is, wonderful and is a life’s journey. It is vital to get the 2nd reference to wisdom switched on and the volume turned up. Otherwise one can be susceptible to never feeling quite themselves or enough. A WISE WOMAN knows there is no competition, and as a result attracts all manner of positive possibilities.

The WISE WOMAN knows that everything is process. It is this process that is a source of healing, inspiration and happiness, not the end result.

The WISE WOMAN is learning to know, accept and love every aspect of herself. The WISE WOMAN listens to her soul, being touched by life and it interactions with people, experiences, places and nature.

The WISE WOMAN has her heart wide open, diving deep into life and everything she does.

The WISE WOMAN is courageous, bold and at times irreverent, though this comes from a very sincere and compassionate space.

The WISE WOMAN feels her fears and doubts, insecurities and concerns though commits wholeheartedly in every moment as she knows deep in her core there is nothing to lose.

The WISE WOMAN sees herself in all women and all women in herself, creating unity and strength.

The WISE WOMAN has many roles in her life. The most important is the nurturing of her highest potential and the uplifting of her consciousness. The Wise Woman is both the key and the door.

What is a WISE WOMAN to you? What qualities of your wise woman do you want to strengthen?

Join The Wise Woman monthly class, here at Soul Flow Yoga with Anastasia Williams. First class this Sunday, March 5th. See more details below:


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