What is a class series?

These are a group of classes that are set up weekly with a specific theme or focus.

For example an 8 week Vinyasa beginners series will run the same time and day once a week. Each week the class will focus on something new and specific so that by the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have great understanding of the practice as a whole and how to do each pose, or breath techniques, or how to modify postures if you have an injury etc.

You don’t need to be a member to take advantage of one of these series. You can buy them as a package or drop in to any class as a one off. However members can attend any of these classes as part of their membership however spaces may be limited during popular courses.

7 Principles to Thrive

With Eilish Bouchier

Would you exchange overwhelm for clarity, anxiety for calm?
Would you choose stress or relaxation?
Would you choose boredom or adventure,
isolation or intimacy, lies or truth, sadness or joy?

More and more the bucket list is empty,
The wardrobe and the toy shed is bursting
but our hearts are breaking.
There is disconnection with ourself and with each other.
There’s a lot of occupation but little space for nurturing
self-care and play.
We are frantically succeeding but we have forgotten to ask
what is important to us.
We are humans doing, who don’t know how to be.

Come and experience your essential self.
Tune into your inner nature,
In your consciousness, you must find a time to ask yourself three questions:
‘How much am I a part of the I which made me what I am?’
‘During my working day, during my existence, during my awareness, how much of the time have I been aware that I am part of the greatness that I am?’
‘What can I do to extend myself to the greater I AM of which I am a part?’
In finding the answers to these questions, you will find your way from the realm of finite ego to the realm of higher consciousness, and you will have the experience of total relaxation into mental happiness and contentment.
The intersection between commerce, connection, creativity and consciousness offers us an opportunity to embody new values, experiment with new ways of being and distributing our resources with each other.

It’s about reconnecting with our bodies and with nature so we transform the relationship to our work, lives, money, each other and the environment.

Come work, rest and play at this introductory workshop
Learn tool and techniques you can apply in a few minutes in your daily life.

Eilish is a playful and engaging mentor and guide who integrates design thinking with experiential wisdom. Find out more about her at www.eilishbouchier.com

7 week Course starts Monday 19th June at 6.30pm

Investment – 7 week course $129 or $22 per drop in class.
Soul Flow Members can come to this class as part of their membership

Roll and Release
MyoFascial release + Yin Yoga

 In these classes you will learn MyoFascial release, self massage, ball therapy, roll and release techniques to rehydrate and lengthen our fascia tissue before going into Yin Yoga poses to create highly effective stretching and pain relief in target areas.

MFR is also detoxifying and increases flexibility, body awareness and energy flow and it opens up physical and emotional blockages.

This class will run at 3 different times each week. If you purchase the full package you will have 3 opportunities to make one of the classes each week.

Each week we will be focusing on a new area of the body:

Week 1:

Feet/ankles/lower legs/quads/hip flexors

(Tuesday June 27th, 6.15pm ~ Saturday July 1st, 11.30am ~ Sunday July 2nd, 5.30pm)

Week 2:

Hamstrings, Inner thighs & ITB

(Tuesday June 27th, 6.15pm ~ Saturday July 1st, 11.30am ~ Sunday July 2nd, 5.30pm)

Week 3:

Glutes and Hips

(Tuesday July 4th, 6.15pm ~ Saturday July 8th, 11.30am ~ Sunday July 9th, 5.30pm)

Week 4:

Lower back, abdomen & Obliques

(Tuesday July 11th, 6.15pm ~ Saturday July 15th, 11.30am ~ Sunday July 16th, 5.30pm)

Week 5:

Upper back, shoulders & intercostals

(Tuesday July 18th, 6.15pm ~ Saturday July 22nd, 11.30am ~ Sunday July 23rd, 5.30pm)

Week 6:

Chest, arms, head and neck

(Tuesday July 25th, 6.15pm ~ Saturday July 29th, 11.30am ~ Sunday July 30th, 5.30pm)

$108 for the whole 6 week class series. $22 to drop into any class in the series as a one off. Free to Soul Flow Yoga Members.

We look forward to seeing you at our East Sydney yoga studio soon!

Level 2, 12/51-53 Spring Street, Bondi Junction (Eastern Suburbs Sydney, NSW)

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