What is a class series?

These are a group of classes that are set up weekly with a specific theme or focus.

For example an 8 week Vinyasa beginners series will run the same time and day once a week. Each week the class will focus on something new and specific so that by the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have great understanding of the practice as a whole and how to do each pose, or breath techniques, or how to modify postures if you have an injury etc.

You don’t need to be a member to take advantage of one of these series. You can buy them as a package or drop in to any class as a one off. However members can attend any of these classes as part of their membership however spaces may be limited during popular courses.

Becoming a Conscious Creator

an 8 week Kundalini Yoga Class Series with Enza Deluca

Learn the secret to consciously creating you life as a work of Art, with love, kindness and compassion for all.
You are a Creator, you have created every detail of your life with your thoughts, words and beliefs.
Unfortunately most of us have created our lives unconsciously based on the thoughts and beliefs we have inherited from our family and community.
We were not taught or shown by our caregivers that we all have the freedom and power to choose our every thought and belief and in this way create our life as we would like it to be.
Most of the time when we examine and question our deeply held unconscious beliefs we find we don’t even agree with them. However itseems like such a difficult and almost impossible task to notice and consciously choose new thoughts.
Most of our thinking is habitual, but this is good news as with practice and commitment we can create new habits of thinking and believing which will create a new life.
We have all tried doing this by using positive affirmations but often they don’t work because we are focusing on thinking and saying the words of the affirmation and not on the ‘feeling’ or ‘vibration’ of the words and thoughts and it is the vibration that attracts or creates.
This is the most important part of the creation process, which is based on the Law of Attraction.
Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. That means that when you think of red cars you vibrate in harmony with red cars and you will attract red cars into your life.
However can only know the true vibrational power of our words and thoughts through our feelings, if we are saying ‘I am skinny’ but we are ‘feeling fat’ the vibration we are sending out is ‘I am feeling fat’. The ‘feeling’ is our true belief.
To attract what we want we must vibrate in harmony with the vibration of the thing we’re trying to create, we need to create or imagine the ‘feeling of already have it’ whenever we think or talk about it. For this we need awareness of our emotions and feelings. We need to be ‘in’ our bodies consciously feeling every sensation and seeing the connection between what we are feeling and what we truly believe and what we are creating.

8 week Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Course

Starts 23rd October

Choose a class time that suits you:
Mondays 6.30pm
Tuesdays 9.30am
Wednesday 12.15pm 
Thursdays 5.15pm

$149 investment for the 8 week course

Included as a class for all Soul Flow Members to attend.

We look forward to seeing you at our East Sydney yoga studio soon!

Level 2, 12/51-53 Spring Street, Bondi Junction (Eastern Suburbs Sydney, NSW)

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