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$30 for
30 days



Not your average yoga studio

We have been serving the Sydney community since 2016. During this time we have noticed that the students that come to our yoga studio are regular people, just like you.

They don't have to look a certain way, they don't have to dress a certain way. They simply show up, move their bodies, feel better and repeat. We can't all be Instagram yogis.

We are proud to offer Kundalini Yoga which is known as the yoga of awareness. It clears your mind and energises your body. Talk about your feel-good yoga.


We are the only studio in Sydney’s East that offers Kundalini Yoga.

From a COVID perspective, our studio is cleaned after every class, sign-in is contactless and there are no hands-on assists. However, if in person yoga is not possible, we have fresh classes added to our ON DEMAND platform weekly.


We have a nifty app which makes booking classes a breeze, available for both Apple and Android.


Click here for our in-studio timetable to get started on your yoga journey with us


We can't wait to meet you in studio or on the screen.

How to join our community

Choose a class pass package that is right for you.

We suggest starting with our 1 month intro pass or a10 class pass to get you started. 


All our classes are suitable for beginners. Choose a timeslot that suits your life and let the teacher know it'syour first time.

60 minute classes are usually best for first time.


Attending at least 3 classes in the first week, will give you a solid foundation where you can begin to see a difference.

Move better, feel better, a community for you