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Abigail is a lover of life and a dedicated practitioner of gratitude, yoga asana, pranayama, and Vipassana meditation. 


Her ‘Flow’ offerings combine traditional Hatha Yoga with the ‘Flow’ element present in Vinyasa Flow teachings. Combining the two styles, with focus on the breath, alignment and mindfulness she will guide you to journey back to a state of deep expansion and inner contentment. 


As well as teaching a dynamic (yang) practise, she recognises the need for balance, the need to find stillness and quietude amidst all the activity of life.  Because of this she also offers teachings in Yin Yoga. Through grounded, long-holds, Abi will gently guide you into a state of surrender to nourish depleted Qi stores to rejuvenate the mind-body in the most beautiful and grounding of ways. 


Adette has been practising Kundalini Yoga for a number of years after it was suggested that she try it to help her back problems.  

From her first class, she was hooked.  Having experienced a peace that was so profound, she began practising 3-5 times a week.  After a short time, she noticed substantial changes happening in her life including a reduction in anxiety and panic attacks, an issue she had suffered for years. 

She completed her Level 1 teacher training in 2013. In 2014 she began her Level 2 training that brought a new level of depth to her practice and teachings. 

Adette is passionate about Kundalini Yoga and the energetic transformation it offers students having experienced it for herself. She brings to her classes her own unique style and wisdom that comes from her love for this yoga practice and life experience.


Alexis has been on the international teaching circuit since 2014. She has presented workshops and retreats all over the world. She is a certified Kundalini, Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher; practitioner in Kinesiology, Mind Detox therapy, NLP and trained in Reiki, Fitness, and PT.

While completing a bachelor’s in commerce, Alexis’ natural calling for deep inquiry, health, sport, and spirituality soon became the focal point of her life as a means to overcome suffering and trauma. She has been spotted pilgrimaging up to Mount Everest twice and on solo missions to places such as ‘The Kumbh Mela’ (a spiritual gathering of 100 million Hindus).

Alexis is a regular contributor and leader in the social outreach initiatives namely in India, and has contributed to and also been featured in programs educating women and children, with an organisation such as Beyond and Corporate 360. She brings passion and excellence to everything she does and makes a huge contribution to her students all around the world.

Now based between Sydney & Ubud, Bali, Alexis’ down to earth nature, combined with heartfelt love and grace with a no-nonsense take on life, enables her to compassionately yet steadily uplift women to embrace their worth from within and walk towards their highest ability with ease and radiance. 


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Anastasia Williams is a passionate mother, teacher, and mentor. Anastasia weaves breath work, yoga, meditation, sacred sound work, and self-development strategies together as an effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart. Bringing a much needed and relevant blend of inspiring and insightful wisdom for your entire being and everyday experiences. Anastasia brings a practical understanding and application towards growth, healing, and success. 


From art galleries to yoga studios, from NYC to Bali, Anastasia is honoured to be able to share these practical techniques and profound practices. Anastasia is currently based in Sydney after 13 years in NYC. Pioneering the teachings of Naam Yoga and Meditation alongside Harmonyum Healing to the shores of Australasia, over the past 7 years. Anastasia brings with her a combined 25 years of extensive knowledge, practice and study. Anastasia studied directly with Dr. Levry (founder of Naam Yoga & Harmonyum Healing) for the past 16 years, alongside other master teachers in yoga, meditation and consciousness.


Anastasia’s work has attracted media coverage in leading titles such as Harpers Bazaar Malaysia, CosmoBody HK, AsiaSpa, Prestige Hong Kong, Sassy HK, and Liv Magazine. She has also been a guest contributor on leading wellness websites and a guest speaker on popular yoga business summits and Facebook live interviews.


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Casey is a busy mother to four children who brings over 15 years of experience to the practise. She is a passionate and realistic teacher that meets you where you are at. Specialising in Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Pre/Post Natal, and kids yoga.


Casey is down to earth and will always provide an honest and compassionate voice. Calming the chitta vritti and connecting with the body is something you will find in Casey's classes, which vary from moving meditations to handstand prep, to bhramari breath.


Casey is passionate about yoga, chocolate and living a balanced lifestyle — attitudes we value greatly at Soul Flow.



International Sound Healer Curt Hannagan has been composing, performing and writing music for over 20 years. Curt began his musical journey at the age of 10 years old playing piano, and over the years, he developed his craft professionally, performing in state-wide orchestras in high school, learning a vast array orchestral instruments and training with some of the finest world-renowned performers which gave him a cutting edge at making it to a professional level.

About five years ago, Curt took a big turn within his personal life, leaving the corporate
world of music to follow a newly founded life of yoga, meditation, sound healing, and holistic work and decided to utilise his craft in this field and become a sound healer, combining his professional musicianship and expertise to provide deep trans-formative healing both nationally in Australia and internationally in Ubud, Bali where he now works and hosts international retreats combining yoga, sound healing, breathe work and more.


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Lucinda is passionate about teaching a safe and long-term practice, with a full-body experience, including mind, body and when appropriate spirit. She has practiced for the last 8 years, mainly Vinyasa and Yin. 

Introduced to Yoga as a teenager to help with anxiety, she fell in love with the practice so much that she traveled to India at 18 to explore the birthplace and eventually decided to make it her career.


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Maya received her KRI certification at Golden Bridge Yoga Los Angeles in 2004 with the renowned teachers Harijiwan Singh, Tej Kaur, and Guru-mukh Kaur. She is a qualified Khalsa Way prenatal yoga teacher, a Y.O.G.A for Youth teacher, and a Laughter Yoga teacher.


She has taught Kundalini Yoga in Los Angeles, Bali, Byron Bay, and Sydney. After over a decade of practice, Maya is still blown away by the power of these teachings and is so grateful for the opportunity to share this technology for happiness with the eastern suburbs community. Her classes are meditative and transformative and feature a healing gong relaxation.


In 2014,  Rachel craved for a connection, a purpose, a deeper meaning to life.


This journey led her to embark on her Yoga Teacher Training studying primarily Hatha Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga.


With a keen interest in energy work, Rachel has studied her Reiki Level 1 + 2, something she loves to bring into Shavasana to offer deep relaxation. 


Having experienced the many benefits Yoga has to offer, she has an interest in bringing yogic philosophy, mindfulness, and gratitude to daily life. By having a regular yoga practice the mind is calmer, connection to all is strengthened and we reside in our own true nature.


Rachel feels truly blessed to have the privilege to teach. Her purpose is to help you feel connected to yourself and universal spirit, build beautiful prana energy and to compassionately offer herself to you in service. 


Robbie’s passion for Yoga commenced over 30 years ago.  Training to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher was a natural choice, complementing her profession as a Kinesiologist.  As a Level 2 teacher, she feels honoured to witness the deep connection to soul that students experience through the process of Kundalini Yoga. 


For the last 4 years, she has been serving as a Trainer on Suraj Kaur Khalsa’s Teacher Training team. Continuing her call to health and wellbeing, Robbie also trained in Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing modality of Kundalini Yoga. She offers one on one healings in Sat Nam Rasayan. 

With the awareness of her own transformation through these practises she feels privileged and constantly grateful to have the opportunity to share these teachings with others.

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